Impeccable Fine Art Installation Services in Buckhead, GA

At Classic Design Services, we specialize in fine art installation services that cater to the precise needs of galleries, museums, and private collectors. Based in the Buckhead, Georgia, area, our team brings over three decades of expertise to every project, ensuring each piece is handled with the reverence and care it deserves. 

We understand that each artwork has its own set of demands, whether it’s a fragile antique painting, a large-scale sculpture, or a complex contemporary installation. Our team of professionals is extensively trained in the latest techniques and uses state-of-the-art equipment to ensure your art is displayed to its best advantage while maintaining its integrity and safety. 

You Can Expect Perfection 

When you partner with Classic Design Services for your fine art installation, you can expect to receive: 

  • Expert handling – Our staff is skilled in the nuances of art handling, ensuring that each piece is treated with meticulous care during installation. 
  • Custom installation solutions – We provide tailored installation strategies that consider the specific environmental and spatial dynamics of your display area. 
  • Security and safety – We prioritize the security and long-term preservation of your artworks, employing advanced measures to protect them during and after installation. 
  • Comprehensive service – From initial consultation to the final placement, we manage every detail of the installation process. 

Contact Us Today 

Whether you’re setting up a new exhibition or reconfiguring your private collection, Classic Design Services offers the expertise and dedication to ensure your fine art installation is performed properly. Contact us today to get your installation started in the Buckhead, GA, area.  

“Top Notch Service! You won't regret working with these guys.”

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