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Other Services Atlanta GAIt requires many other smaller, yet overlooked services to properly deal with the furnishing of a home, or the completion of a project. Classic Design Services offers many of these necessary actions to its clients. The following list is just a sample and includes:

  • Returning unneeded furnishings, accessories, and art to vendors or storage
    When the time comes for installation after months of acquisition, it can be hard to know what really fits the space, what really works together. Household move clients may find that what worked in the old home, no longer fits in the new home. After a long renovation, the old furnishings may seem out of place. Our crews understand that, so they help you with staging, retrieving and returning superfluous goods.
  • Cleaning and protection of upholstery, oriental carpets, draperies and other fine fabrics.
    Before upholstered goods are delivered, carpets unrolled and laid, or draperies rehung, our fabric care technicians can make sure that your soft goods are clean, repaired and protected from normal wear and soiling. These operations can be done in our workroom or on location depending on what is required for the job.
  • Furniture repair and restoration
    We move fragile goods, and no matter how hard we try to avoid it, there will be some damages. With that in mind, we staff a first-rate repair and restoration shop with some of the finest technicians in Atlanta. We make that shop available to our customers for the repair of damage by others or for general restoration of your goods. If we do not have space in our schedule, or feel that another technician we know would be a better fit for your project, we will tell you.
  • Debris, trash and discarded item removal
    While we always remove our own trash and dicarded packing material, on a large project with multiple vendors providing services, others may not be so conscientious. Our crews are available to remove trash, debris and other unwanted items from your job site.

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